Please read below a highlight on the Rules updates for 2021. You will also find a link to the updated rules for your reference.

In line with our constant strife to improve the fairness of our sport we made some changes to the rules.

  1. Master categories start earlier.
    The new starting point for master is 40 years old.
  2. We set up a cap to the number of repetitions can be performed in a 10 minute set.
    We have seen over the years that when the pace becomes too fast lifters sacrifice fixation. This is a problem because it becomes harder to judge it is source of frustration to those lifters who are making an effort to fixate and stay within the rules. In the heat of competition it is sometimes hard to manage this, so we set up a cap.
    We hope this also will encourage lifters to move up in weights as they close the cap with a particular kettlebell size.
  3. BOLT championship before Russian Kettlebell Sport championship.
    For those who do both tournaments and join the Kettlebell Super Total this sequence it’s more favorable training wise since BOLT it’s more conducive to gaining strength and general fitness whereas KTS requirements are much more specialized. After the BOLT season a lifter can switch focus and work on the RKS events.