Jeff Bott
Jeff BottGS World Champion - Manual Therapist
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I really enjoyed the hands on time while working as a group both practicing and coaching the lifts was beneficial to overall learning experience.
Ken Obermark
Ken Obermark
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I liked the flow of the course, the amount of hands on time and the book is extremely well organized and easy to use.
Erica Obermark
Erica Obermark@username
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It was easy to learn and understand the content of the course and the breakdown of the movements were very helpful. I liked that we had to learn and create the workouts on our own - made for good learning. I liked we had lots of practice with the bells, and the light and fun atmosphere.
Rosetta Saiz
Rosetta SaizWeightlifting Coach
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The course is broken down very efficiently and having so many demos was very helpful for me since I am a visual learner.

This Kettlebell Training Course Is Perfect For


  • Developing a toolbox of exercises that you can easily source and use to help your clients.
  • Learning what kettlebells exercises to use for different training goals.
  • Busy trainers needing a practical turn-key system to easily plan and deliver training sessions.
  • To learn best kettlebell specific safety practices.
  • Learn how to best apply and combine exercises in a way that is both fun and effective.


  • Easily plan comprehensive sessions with our practical kettlebell workout system
  • Field sports athletes needing iso-lateral strength and power.
  • Increasing anaerobic endurance or strength through short fun sessions.
  • Learning how to use kettlebells to support aerobic endurance while reducing sport specific ware and tare.
  • Improve joint stability to prevent injuries and improve performance

Solo Training

  • Taking the mystery out of kettlebell training
  • Avoiding unnecessary injuries that stem from ill guided training practices.
  • Learning how to use kettlebells for strength or metabolic training or a combination of both.
  • Learning effective core training exercises.
  • Learning how to plan comprehensive training sessions that are fun yet effective.
  • Learning how successfully to integrate kettlebells with other fitness exercises.

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