How to Host an IKLF Kettlebell Competition

Hosting an IKLF Kettlebell competition is fun and a great team-building event for your box or lifting club. 

A kettlebell lifting meet does not need to be an all-out expensive event to be successful.
In fact, kettlebell lifting competitions,
are easy and inexpensive to organize and run.

Community building

IKLF kettlebell competitions are fun and challenging. We come together to do our best on the platform and see our friends. 

Only basic equipment needed

You’ll just need equipment you probably already have at your gym. Such as a timer, chalk, and kettlebells. 

Compete with peers from all over the world

IKLF hub style championships are open to all levels. From day one offer your local community the possibility to compete with lifters from within your country, your region or the world.

What You Need To Participate

Here are a few things you will need to host a hub


Competition kettlebells are preferred but some hubs compete with cast iron kettlebells if the competition type is not available yet.

Digital timer

A regular gym wall timer (or kettlebell timers) that is visible for the lifters during the competition set. We use it to time sets and resting periods between them.

Tally Counters

Tally counters are inexpensive and maybe you already have them around your gym. Alternatively you can use a kettlebell timer with a remote counter.

Test on the Rules

Read and test on the rules with an open book online test. This is important so each hub can keep the game fair for all lifters by upholding the rules during meets.

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