IKLF Ranking Rules

To achieve a Ranking level with the International Kettlebell Lifting Federation, you must perform your attempt in one of the following settings. 

  • Qualified meets are IKLF competitions (Championships or otherwise)
  • Ranking meet at an authorized club
  • Video submission of your attempt to IKLF 
Ranking attempts adhere to the same rules as competition sets. to see the rules please follow this link
Last updated: December 15th 2019

IKLF Ranking Tables Organization

The ranking tables are organized by

  1. Double Lifts
  2. Single Lifts
  3. BOLT Iron Man, Kettlebell Triathlon Doubles, and Kettlebell Triathlon Singles
  4. Russian Kettlebell Sport Tables. Including RKS Biathlon, and Double Clean and Jerk.

Calculating Your Ranking

Ranking is calculated using the following variables:

  • Athlete’s body weight
  • Kettlebell weight
  • Amount of kilograms lifted (Volume)

Athlete's Ranking Body Weight​​

The athlete’s body weight must be measured at the event weigh-in time. The following are the body weight categories for Men and Women.

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Women Ranking Body Weights​
  • +75
  • 75
  • 68
  • 63
  • 58
  • 53
  • 48
Men Ranking Body Weights​
  • +95
  • 95
  • 85
  • 78
  • 73
  • 68
  • 63

Kettlebell Weight Requirement​

The kettlebell weight must be equal or greater to the kettlebell weight required for the Ranking level attempted.


 Mary weights 63 kilos and is attempting Rank 1 on the Biathlon. To achieve it, she needs to complete her sets with a kettlebell that is 16 kilos or more. She can use a 18 kg, 20kg, 24kg, etc to complete that volume. If she uses a kettlebell lighter than 16 kilos she wouldn’t qualify for Rank 1 even if she reached the total kilos requirement for that level. 

Calculating Volume (total kilos)​

The volume is calculated by multiply the number of repetitions completed by the load lifted per repetition (kettlebell(s) weight)


Mary completes 80 repetitions on a Double Snatch set using 16kg kettlebells. To know her score she would perform the following calculation:

Load x Repetitions = Volume = Score

  • Load: 16 x 2 = 32
  • Repetitions: 80
  • 32 x 80 = 2,560



If Mary is using 16 kilos she can deduce how many repetitions she will need by dividing the required volume by the load (kettlebell weight in kilos – multiplied by 2 in the case of a double lift).

Volume / Load = Repetitions


To achieve Double Snatch Rank 1 she needs:

  • 2240 / (16*2) = 70
  • 2240/(18*2) = 63
  • 2240/(20*2) = 56